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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Advantages and disadvantages of Windows 8

Advantages and disadvantages of Windows 8.

Regarding the features of windows 8 is not in doubt. Windows 8 has a better interface than his elder brother Windows 7. Proclaim in windows 8 will come with new features such as adding a ribbon UI in windows explorer, start screens and other user so that the public is very good, because they will have the operating system that has a better interface and interesting.

Currently, Microsoft has released a consumer preview windows 8, the results are slightly disappointing because it does not like that at the expected time windows 8 is still in its development. They menggangap that users will know how to access the thumbnails start to access the start screen, they assume that users will know how to access the hidden charm bar and much more with the unilateral assumption of microsoft.

There are many users who do not know what it is Desktop? What is Explorer? They only know about the Start button, Start menu and My Computer. How will they know where to click to open My Computer? How will they know how to open the program without the Start button?

Windows has always known for its customization capabilities. We still remember when Windows XP we can be adjusted to almost any and everything in the OS. And then Microsoft launched Windows Vista and began to impose anything on users.

At the start Microsoft to remove the customization capabilities of the Windows Explorer toolbar. You can not add or remove buttons from the command bar although the Explorer is still possible by using the Registry. Then they remove the classic start menu of Windows 7 with the assumption that it is not useful to users. After that they remove the entire Start Menu of Windows 8 BETA version and now the classic Start button is also missing.

Why did Microsoft remove the feature instead of providing a choice even if the feature is hidden and can only be activated by using the Registry tweak software or a 3rd party?
Do not make Windows 8 to be like Windows Me or Windows Vista. Microsoft unveiled Windows 7 to fix all the problems faced by users in Windows Vista and it seems the same thing will happen with Windows 8, if Microsoft does not fix things before dirilisya RTM version.

Currently Windows 8 OS seems perfect for the tablet but the story is different for Desktop or laptop. I assume that Microsoft began developing Windows 8 only for the tablet is similar to Android, IOS, etc, but then they decided why not make it compatible with Desktops as well. This way they can make more profit from it. That's why they include everything that is best for the tablet but ignore everything that's best for the Desktop, dear indeed. So, should Microsoft make various changes to Windows 8 desktop so that users can be more comfortable in using the latest OS from Microsoft is and will certainly be more fun.
Similarly, a glimpse of Windows 8, hopefully useful for you.

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