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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Registration code SmadAV Pro or Free SmadAV reg key.

Registration code SmadAV Pro or Free SmadAV reg key.
Below is the registration code SmadAV rev. 8.0. With this smadav key. You can change smadav free to smadav pro for free. Obviously you'll also be able to enjoy the convenient features that have been pro smadav you do not have.

Follow the tutorial below to enjoy SmadAV rev.8.0 or hacked to smadav rev.8.0

1. You must have smadav ver.8.0, for those who do not have please Download.

2. Open your SmadAV application, open the Settings tab, and then there will be stuffing the registration SmadAV Pro, you must fill out name and the key to converting to Pro.

3. But you do not enter your name and key smadav first. You have to hack your smadav.
Here's the trick: Enter the text the field name. For its key columns you empty it.

4. Then click the Register button located below the last entry.

5. Will display a notification "managed to remove the pirated"

6. Then enter the code below:
for the field name please fill in: [for field name]. Key to the field, please enter this code: 081230537430 and press the register ...

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uchiha manga said...

Merci pour logiciel et pour les information

Si tu veux telecharger des logiciels gratuit free ICIIII

Et pour telecharger la meilleure version desmadav rev 8.3